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Like any other subject in school, the foreign language and attitude we create towards it depends on our personal experience, inclinations and, ultimately, on the lecturer. I think it’s even lighter than most other subjects, because, realistically, it’s not exactly astrophysics.
I first encountered English in the fifth grade, like most children in my time. With the difference that our teacher shared good grades with everyone, and we chatted in class, went shopping for her, took her to her home address … Of course, no one complained, because we had fives. And which child will learn something on their own that they don’t have to? And so our fifth grade passes, we get good grades, and not from English.
However, fortunately for us, and then we thought it was a bad luck, a new teacher appeared in the sixth grade. Strict, neat and demanding. Rights. From the door, he speaks in English, we watch. We are silent. She quickly realized that we didn’t even have basic knowledge. She solved it in an hour. The sixth grade is taught in regular classes, and the fifth grade is taught in supplementary and supplementary classes, which have become mandatory for everyone. If you only knew how much we hated her … We remembered how ‘better’ the previous one was, and this one ‘hates’ and ‘tortures’ us. We listened because we had to. There was no choice. We slowly understood and began to progress. After a painful sixth grade, in the seventh grade we were stable and fell in love with her tone, order, smile with which she encouraged and rewarded us. We realized we could.

I will always remember her neat hairstyle,
She showed us that the English language is beautiful and that, with a little effort and curiosity, we can open the door to a new, interesting world.

I try to free my students from fear first, then to discipline them and show them the beauties of my subject.
To make learning easier, everyone should be comfortable. I had a good role model and I try to go that route. Would English be a nightmare for me too if it weren’t for her? What do you think?

Vesna Stanković